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VoiceWriter V.6




Voice / Speech
The vivid and vigorous interactive operating interface allows the user to directly communicate with the Listening and Writing Secretary or executive voice function

Continuous Voice Input
Breaking through the technical barrier of traditional non-continuous voice input, it allos you to make input of sentences with the most natural method speaking, at over 100 words per minute, without the need to pause between words

Whole Sentence Voice Input
Breaking through the barrier of voice input by words and phrases, it no longer limited by recognition of words and phrases as a unit and can recognize a whole sentence or a whole paragraph

Voice File Recognition
Can automatically record voice batch files, directly convert them into words through a voice file recognition tool, and then output them to an application or save them as a text file

Voice Command
Be oral commands, you may directly activate and operation, operate the overall Window system, or simulate the action of the mouse or the keyboard. Provides voice-based Chinese and English dictionary search. 

Professional Vocabulary
A system built-in professional vocabulary includes computer, law, automobile, flora/fauna, and finance

Voice Database
A voice database collects as many as 60,000 words and phrases that are frequently used in Chinese writing. It can be enlarged with new words and phrases by the used any time and can reach a maximum of 120,000 words and phrases

Combines Handwriting with OCR Input
Originates a combination of voice, handwriting and OCR. Voice can be corrected by handwriting, and results can be recognized by OCR. Both complement each other to become flawless

System Requirements :

Intel Pentium II or higher


130 MB Hard disk space

USB port

Windows 98/2000/XP


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