The Best for Chinese Handwriting system with PenPower Recognition Package


Mini ScanEYE II







A brand new ergonomic design

Provide a comfortable handle which fits all left and right-handed users. Scan away effortlessly with its transparent scan tip.

Where you see, where you scan.


The best input and translation device

Connects to the USB port and bundle in a 3 in 1 function of scan, recognition and translation. When scanning, it instantaneously

recognizes and translates horizontal or vertical aligned characters,

doing away with all the complex usage procedures.


Huge recognition boundary
It can recognize 13060 Traditional Chinese characters, 6763 Simplified Chinese characters, 4184 /Hong Kong characters, 3580 Japanese characters, English words, numbers and punctuation.

Correction and pre-emptive computing
Spell checking function and predicts characters while correcting

alignment now empowers you with a more accurate scanning flow.

Continuous scanning and recognition
32-bit execution (multi-thread) architecture now lets you scan

continuously without having to pause, while recognition is being

done on the fly.

Bi-directional translation and Chinese to English
document translation

Translate words/phrases or characters from English to Chinese

or vice versa and have your complete Chinese document

translated into English right away, with a read back function

which reads out your document to you aloud.

Inline and Balloon interface
Scanning results can be inputted through the interface of your

choice, either a floating panel or hidden, which frees up

desktop workspace for you.



System Requirements:


Pentium II or above

128 MB RAM

220 MB of hard disk space

Windows 2000/XP


Package Includes:


Scan and Translation Pen

Software CD

User manual


Hardware Specification:


Scanning Speed: 15cm/sec

Recognizable character :5-22 point

Data Transfer :USB port

Dimension :

131mm x 31mm x 19mm

Weight : 45g


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