The Best for Chinese Handwriting system with PenPower Recognition Package







Light and thin for easy carrying

The standard PC Card(PCMCIA) shaped design ensures

easy storage in the PC card slot of your notebook.

The light and thin design is also convenient for non-notebook

users to carry

Asia all-in-one package
Recognizes 23,000 Traditional and Simplified
Chinese characters, 4,818 Hong Kong (HKSCS 2001) characters,

English letters, symbols, numbers, punctuation.

Artificial Intelligence recognition
Highly adaptable to the uniqueness of your
handwriting and can be used as a personal
handwriting system.


Full screen multi-words free writing

Equipped with accurate characters segmentation technology,

which ensures a single recognition for a complete sentence.

Compatible with most of the software applications.

Inking on MSN Messenger
Provide handwriting and drawing on the editing area in MSN

Messenger. Make more fun in communication.


System Requirements :

Intel Pentium II or higher


65 MB Hard disk space

USB port

Windows 98/2000/XP


Innovative Technology for Your Need

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