The Best for Chinese Handwriting system with PenPower Recognition Package






Mission "Innovate Technology for Your Needs"

To benefit people's life by creating and extending the power of smarter Intelligent Human Computer Interface with innovative recognition technologies.

Be the world's leading company of recognition technologies that create intelligence for smarter Human Computer Interfaces.



PENPOWER Technology, based on the development of Intelligent Human Computer Interface,  has successfully commercialized various innovative recognition systems, making itself a leading brand in the business of recognition systems throughout global Chinese markets. It owns over 75% of the market in Asia and has won a great deal of awards in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. PENPOWER's Technology is widely adopted by IBM, Compaq, Casio, Sony, OKI, Ricoh and Wacom.


Market Philosophy
PENPOWER is committed to satisfying and exceeding its customers' needs and the market trend. In addition, PENPOWER's ability and dedication to deliver products to the market ahead of its competition enables the company to keep driving growth, benefiting its customers, and making positive impacts on the Intelligent Human Computer Interface industry. PENPOWER's continuous efforts to integrate and apply its 5 kernel technologies in Handwritten Recognition, Voice Recognition, OCR, Biometrics, and network security to the emerging IA products, wireless communications, smart home appliances and Internet has provided smart embedded solutions on various platforms. PENPOWER also makes maintaining strong, trust-based partnerships with its business partners a top priority.



Innovative Technology for Your Need

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